oven-cleaningOur oven cleaning service is provided for both domestic kitchens and commercial kitchens. Our cleaning staff will remove all the grease from your oven, making it sparkling clean and perfectly polished. They use steam to sanitize your oven with a combination of safe for your health successful cleaning solutions to make your oven completely disinfected and shiny.

If you use our oven cleaning service for one off cleaning or regular maintenance of your oven, you will keep your kitchen in a well sanitized and hygienic condition.

Oven Cleaning

  • Single Oven Cleaning£60
  • Double Oven Cleaningfrom £79
  • Extractor Cleaning£20
  • Cooker Hob Cleaning£23
  • Fridge Cleaning£60

Our oven cleaning services include:

  • Removing all the dirt, grime and residuum from the inside and outside surfaces of your oven
  • Scraping away all food residues from your oven
  • Taking apart all removable parts of your oven and soaking them in a cleaning solution
  • Cleaning the removable parts form the cleaning solution
  • Assembling the removable parts of your oven back together
  • Final polishing and scouring of your oven for excellent results
  • An entire inside and outside oven cleaning from all the dirt, grease and food stains

The process of oven cleaning includes a few steps. First our cleaning staff use steam cleaning for easier removing the grease and food leftovers from your oven. Then they apply strong but eco-friendly detergent for removing the stains effectively.

  • 100% Guarantee
  • Professional Cleaners
  • 5 Star Reviews

oven-cleaning2The third step in your oven cleaning is common cleaning with non-toxic cleaning preparations for eliminating any stains and grease, left on the surface of the oven. In the final stage of the oven cleaning, our cleaning technicians will wipe off the oven and dry it well to provide safe and successful cleaning.

Our oven cleaning staff are professionally trained and experienced, they have the necessary skills and knowledge to provide you with excellently cleaned ovens. The cleaning machines they used are advanced and successfully extract all the dirt, grease and food stains from all kinds of ovens. Book our services now!

After a certain time every oven accumulates too much grease, food splatters and stains that become more and more obstinate with time. The sooner you react and order the oven cleaning Clean Flat provide to look after the cleanness of your oven, the better. Regular oven maintenance ensures a better condition of your oven and its longer life.

Why choose us?

  • Professional cleaners

    We work with a well trained team with many years of experience in domestic and commercial cleaning.

  • Personal belongings’ safety

    Our cleaners have insurance and they are vetted. We could guarantee the safety or your personal belongings and your property.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We could guarantee you the satisfaction and pleasant work with our company as we have many years of experience.

For all our cleaning procedures we use biodegradable and efficient cleaning solutions and preparations to ensure you a safe and successful oven cleaning. Our services are provided on very competitive price and available seven days a week.