approvedBuilders, painters and decorators usually leave a lot of mess and dirt, after they leave the place they have worked in. Our cleaning team can look after the cleaning state of any property, in which had been any kind of construction works. From small renovation projects to large building or conversion works, they will make your home, office or commercial estate as good as new. Your can use our after construction cleaning services any time you need them, available seven days a week.

After Builders Cleaning

  • After Builders Cleaningfrom £23/h

The after construction cleaning we provide includes:

  • Pressure washing of all outdoor surfaces, walls and concrete
  • Removing of building rubbish
  • Interior cleaning of walls, window ledges, lighting fixtures and sills
  • Removal of different waste materials, left from the construction work: silicon, plaster, labels, paint splatters etc.
  • Polish all floor and wall surfaces
  • Vacuum cleaning of carpets
  • Removing all spots and splatters from paint or other building work materials
  • Full inner and outer window cleaning
  • Removing any dust, stains and splatters, left after the construction work
  • Vacuum clean the hardwood or laminate floor and stairs
  • Remove the splatters, dust and dirt from sockets, doors and all indoor surfaces

Our cleaning work is done completely according to the health and safety requirements of the cleaning industry. The cleaning staff we send to your place is fully insured and have the necessary qualification to provide you with professional after construction cleaning.

  • 100% Guarantee
  • Professional Cleaners
  • 5 Star Reviews

after-construction-cleaningThe fast and successful cleaning and brilliant results of our cleaners’ work is ensured by the latest cleaning machinery and equipment they are supplied with. They use powerful industrial vacuum cleaners, heavy-duty scrubber-dryers, modern jet washing machines. They always wear protective head-wears and high-visibility vests. Call and order the cleaning you need and the results will impress you.

You can call and order emergency cleaning of your estate after some construction or innovation in your office or home. Our services are in line with the legal requirements of your local authorities. Our cleaning workers will arrange the transportation of the bigger construction wastes and garbage to some recycling centre, if possible. Check our prices now.

Why choose us?

  • Professional cleaners

    We work with a well trained team with many years of experience in domestic and commercial cleaning.

  • Personal belongings’ safety

    Our cleaners have insurance and they are vetted. We could guarantee the safety or your personal belongings and your property.

  • Satisfaction Guarantee

    We could guarantee you the satisfaction and pleasant work with our company as we have many years of experience.

Clean Flat will do the after construction cleaning in your property, safely and professionally. All the dust, paint splatters, stains, plaster and markings will be removed from your indoor and outdoor area, so you will enjoy your innovated place. You can order our after construction cleaning services by phone or online.